Book Scanner Updates

Hello dear readers! I’d like to offer an update of what the book scanner has been up to this semester, with the help of  a new student group who was working on user testing and a manual. Enjoy! ~Holly

The Team:

Casey Ince: Project Manager and lead developer of user videos
Stephanie Unertl: Lead writer and developer of the user manual
Katrina Dombrowsky: Lead on user testing and grant writer
Rachel Becker: Assisted with user manual and grant writing
Sam Skar: Assisted with user manual and lead developer of the bulletin board

Our Process:

With a fully functional book scanner complete and an initial user manual drafted, the next step was bettering the user experience and making it friendly for the most novice of book scanners.

This entailed user testing the user manual drafted by the original book scanner group. Katrina was our fearless leader when it came to user testing. In addition to user testing, we had to become experts on the book scanner ourselves. This was not an easy task, as we were all rather novice users. We plowed ahead though and came out on the other side with some ideas for the future user manual that included additional images, annotations and videos.

With our work laid out for us, we began drafting up a Complete Book Scanner Manual. Many thanks go out to Stephanie, Queen of Writing Instructions and Formatting. After several hours of hard work she had much of the manual in working order and looking fabulous. Rachel also helped with filling some of the gaps in first section of the manual, and her detailed notes throughout the process were invaluable.

In addition to rewriting the manual we also added annotated user videos for the visual and auditory learners. The videos detailed everything from setting up the book scanner through the scanning and editing process, and were developed by Casey and Stephaine using Camtasia. Finally, we a wanted to let library users know what the book scanner was all about. Sam created a bulletin board to inform users how the book scanner project started, and a little information on why someone might use the book scanner.

After a second round of user testing and several more hours of editing we are proud to say that we have a fully functional user manual and videos to accompany the book scanner. We hope that our efforts make it easy for future users to enjoy and use the book scanner.


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