The book scanner at the end of the universe

We are happy to report that we have a fully functioning book scanner that produces shiny, searchable PDF copies of books. Or, you know, portions thereof as determined by copyright, etc.

In the past few days we put together the final finishing touches…

Received a dedicated book scanner computer and set up a scanning station…

Wrote a Book Scanner User Manual.


How to correctly store the bungee cords when not in use

We also scanned a book on dragons (for science), and came up with this wishlist of things that another group of dedicated students could work on:

  • A video demonstrating how to use the scanner
  • Staff manual, outlining the back end things that could go wrong, item specs for replacement, and maintenance (like cleaning the glass every once in a while)
  • Using the OCR’d text to create an e-book in .epub format

We’ve updated our About page to include all the final specs of our machine. If you ever decide to build your own book scanner, please take and duplicate our ideas!

Readers, farewell.


Trevor, Ryan, Jenny, Sean, and Molly pose for a mug shot



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