Houston, we have a book scanner!

People, its official. We are now the proud constructors of a fully functional book scanner.

Tonight we got together for a test run, and to make some final tweaks. Our software was up and running, and we chose Adobe Pro to run our OCR on, with a searchable PDF as our output. We ran through the entire scanning process, from start through post processing…



Our software, hard at work

And we now have a book! Or rather, part of a book. Take a look! We’re still working on color, and we hope that once people are used to the process it will move much faster.

Now that construction is done, we plan to create a user manual, as well as a staff manual, for upkeep and use. We also hope to make a video on how to use the scanner, and provide training for the library staff who will eventually be in charge of the book scanner.

Any questions? Let us know!



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