Finishing touches

We’re getting there folks! Here are a couple updates from our team’s hard work this weekend! -Holly

Good news on the auto zoom front: it appears to be working. I can now set the camera to zoom at whatever percentage we want, and as a side effect, whenever you turn the camera on it automatically goes into shutter mode (meaning it is ready to take a picture). We used to have to push the shutter button to get it to take pictures because it would always load into the picture gallery. Hopefully it reacts well with the trigger and everything else, but right now it’s all good.


I stopped by the SLIS Library today to work on getting both the lamp and the trigger affixed to the book scanner.

Molly had purchased some hardware to hold the lamp in place. The pieces needed to be raised in order to line up with the lamp fixture, so I put a nut and a washer under each. The fixture is now held firmly in place.


We had decided to place the trigger along the curve of the same wood piece where the scanner’s handle is mounted, so that we could pull down the bar and press the trigger button solely with the right hand and turn book pages using the left. I replaced the rubber bands that we had been using with a taut (black) clasp-able cat collar. To be sure that the trigger can’t move horizontally, I may attach some of the hardware used on the lamp fixture.




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