On felt and software…

Now that our cameras and trigger work beautifully (!), we moved on to the finishing touches of our scanner and the post-processing for our images. But first, we had to try it out. We screwed on the cameras and started snapping photos.


We quickly noticed the glare, and we took an opinion poll on where and how to attach the trigger to the handle. (Note: a rubber band works great for now). When we plugged the cameras into the computer, we learned that the CHDK on each camera must have the remote trigger setting turned off in order to play nicely with the computer. Duly noted.

Half the group started working on cleaning up the scanner and making a cloth cover to cut down on the glare. We used velcro cable ties, like for lots of cables, to hold our cords in place on the scanner.  We have a huge piece of black felt, which they cut up like a jigsaw puzzle and velcro’d over all the openings.

Trevor downloaded all the software he found and started testing that, while I started searching for open source OCR software.


I found a few names that kept popping up, and decided to test the one with the best reviews on Cnet. We downloaded tesseract, currently owned by Google, and gave that a shot. (Side note: I learned what a GUI is, and that you pronounce it gooey).


Our first attempt to OCR an image got stuck thinking about it; we’re still working on this, so feel free to send any suggestions our way. 


Stay tuned for more fun updates!



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