And we’re back in the game…

Readers, we’ve had a frustrating couple weeks over here in book scanner land.  ( Don’t worry, this story has a happy ending).

Remember the problem that cropped up in Trial and error?  The second splitter we ordered didn’t work either.  While we expected a Y-splitter to have one input and two outputs, testing this one on a laptop in various ways revealed that it almost seemed to have two inputs and one output.  We don’t know much about electronics, but we knew this was not what we were looking for!


We took to the forums and the interwebs, and apparently other people just don’t have this problem as often. We tried various combinations of USB hubs (not enough power gets from the trigger to the camera) and adapters, anxiously holding our breath with each new trick. Alas, there were no dual photos taken. We found a guy on flickr who makes custom triggers with dual output; “but wouldn’t that be cheating?,” we said.


We found a hack that involved deconstructing two of our triggers and soldering them together. I was up for that, but those things are expensive, and we decided we would rather sacrifice our cheap USB connector cables first. I was prepared to start cutting them open and making our own splitter,  BUT THEN.

THEN. Our fearless project manager Jenny purchased just one more splitter in a final attempt to save the day.


As soon as it arrived, she rushed to the library to try it out. And people, it worked. Cue the trumpets.


Both cameras can now be triggered with one button push.  At our next meeting, we will figure out how to put the cameras and cords on the book scanner and make sure we have long enough extensions.  Stay tuned!

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