Software solutions

Now that we’re (mostly) done with the physical aspects of our build, we’re starting to get into the nitty-gritty electronics and processing portion. Trevor has been working behind the scenes experimenting with different pieces of software to organize, clean up, and format the images that the scanner will be capturing. The flowchart below details the process that we are tentatively planning to use.

Scanner Process ChartAs you can see, there are many steps to the process once the photos are taken off the scanner. However, it still isn’t going to cost anything (besides the cost of the scanner kit) because all of the software is open source.
Here is what we are going to use:

While none of these software solutions are commercial, they all work well for the tasks that they need to do and fit with the vision of the scanner. Once we have finished troubleshooting the electrical systems that we will be using to trigger that scanner, we will be posting footage of the full scanning process and writing a manual detailing the steps needed to go from
physical book to e-book or PDF.


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