Trial and error

Tonight we met to assemble our electronics, test software, install glass, and scan some books…at least, that was the plan. Our first hiccup came when we hooked up our mini USB splitter to the trigger and cameras, pressed the button, and…nothing happened.

After an age appropriate semi freak-out (someone may or may not have produced a large bag of bite sized candy bars) we started problem solving.


We tested the trigger on its own (yep, still works), started changing CHDK settings (no dice), and in the process found out that the CHDK remote trigger setting must be turned off in order for a computer to recognize the camera. This means that after a book is scanned, the camera settings will need to be manually changed in order to load the images to the computer. But we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.


Trevor solved our problem when he realized that the splitter we had innocently purchased is in fact for charging devices only; it doesn’t transmit data. On the plus side, I only feel slightly silly that I didn’t realize that at the time.

I re-thought my cable map design,  turned to the interwebs for a new solution, frantically ordered a new splitter and USB converters for two-day delivery, and breathed a sigh of relief.  All is shiny now.

The rest of our work session was much more successful. We drilled holes and screwed in our replacement L brackets, installed the glass and added a layer of felt to the rolling platen (the cradle that holds the book). We screwed a camera into place, adding a couple washers to hold it securely.


Final step: grab a book and practice!

Come in to the library and check it out!



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