Construction: Day 2

This morning we met to finish the physical construction of our book scanner. Our agenda included drilling and screwing in brackets to hold our glass in place, attaching the top piece where the LED light will rest, and touching up scratched paint.

Our kit was missing two brackets to hold the glass, and we couldn’t find a replica at any of our local hardware stores. They are designed to move easily to slide the glass in and out for cleaning or replacement, so rather than use an alternative, we shot off a quick email to the DIY book scanner supplier and guru, Daniel Reetz. He immediately responded that he would mail us two new brackets. Thanks Daniel!

The rest of the brackets are in place, and our glass slides in smoothly; all it needs is a quick go-over with some goo gone to clean it up.

I tried to touch up the scratched paint, but the paint marker I had leaves too shiny of a finish. I’m looking for a flat black paint marker, otherwise I’ll use our left over spray paint to cover all spots and get a smooth top coat. After that, we should be finished with the construction! You know, until we start tacking down wires and cables, and figure out a way to get our LED light attached…

We had lots of packages waiting for us, including both our digital cameras and AC adapters and a few of the cables for our crazy trigger system. Ryan and Trevor started working on the software and camera hack, so stay tuned for more on that.



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