Book scanner updates

On Saturday when we were building the book scanner, a couple pieces developed small cracks when we were adding the screws, so on Tuesday, Ryan and I met briefly at the library to fill in those cracks.  We used wood glue and a clamp on the biggest crack, while the smaller ones we just filled with glue.  We’ll check on them over the next few days to make sure they’re drying well.
After making our final decisions about triggers and the electronics that we wanted to use, I ordered our purchases on Monday–mostly from Amazon, but also from Monoprice and DealExtreme, depending on what was the most economical route.  The cameras should arrive in a couple days, with the other pieces trickling in over the next few weeks.  We might even be able to try out the cameras this weekend during our second building day!  Stay tuned to find out how it goes!

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