Adventures in Painting

Today we painted our book scanner pieces!


The scanner needs to be painted a flat black to avoid any glare or reflection when using the cameras. We painted prior to assembly for simplicity’s sake and to make sure we were able to get every corner. We initially thought that we would sand the pieces first to get rid of a few splintery bits; however, the paint arrived before the sandpaper, and once we took a closer look we decided that any necessary sanding could come afterwards.

Five of the six of us met and loaded up our book cart with scanner pieces, a huge tarp, and four cans of spray paint. We purchased a flat protective enamel paint, and we found that four cans was just about right, leaving us with enough left to feel comfortable and deal with any touch ups later.


We covered the front of each piece in about 20 minutes, no thanks to a friendly bee that wanted in on the action.


Then, we had to wait for the first coat to dry so we could flip the pieces. While we waited, we compared paint splatter and we climbed a tree.

After about 30 minutes, the paint reached a sticky-but-no-longer-drippy stage that we deemed dry enough to flip. We applied a coat to the back, making sure to get all (ok, most) of the corners and edges. Then we waited some more.


We ended up with slightly sticky scanner pieces with a few extraneous blades of grass stuck to them. The paint job isn’t perfect; as it dried, it stuck to the tarp and we ended up with some beautiful patterns. However, we have deemed this paint job pretty darn good.

Since this scanner will belong to the SLIS library, we hope to find a spot that is out of the way from risk of glare and emblazon it with a red and white SLIS logo.

Next steps: Our plan is to assemble the scanner; then determine what needs to be sanded to ensure the smoothest experience, and then handle any touch ups with paint and/or a paint marker.



What a beautiful night to paint!


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