Say Cheese!

An important part of our books scanner will, of course, be the cameras! Ryan took the lead on researching cameras, and here are some things he had to say:

Triggers: Do we intend to do mechanical triggering or via software? This seems to be the software of choice according to the DIY forums.

Budget: What is a reasonable price-range? We decided that something in the $100 range was appropriate; remember, we need two of them!

61xrDUTJj+L._SL1000_Ryan recommends the  Canon Powershot A2400. Canon Powershot cameras appear to be the cheap camera of choice on the forums.  All the recent models are roughly the same, but the A2400 was the newest model that has support for CDHK and priced reasonably well.  He also suggests a larger memory card and extra batteries to reduce scanner downtime.

Thanks for the great research Ryan!


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