The saga begins…

The odyssey of constructing our book scanner has officially begun! A large box arrived in the mail this week containing what will eventually be a book scanner for the UW-Madison School of Library and Information Studies.

As a group, we decided the best thing to do when the components arrived was to take inventory. Jenny, Sean, and I were assigned to do this. Unfortunately, it turns out all three of us are busy working professionals, so we ended up performing two separate inventories to verify that all the counts were correct (it never hurts to double-check, right?).


I performed a preliminary inventory on Tuesday afternoon. A warning for anyone who buys one of these scanners. At least for our kit, the packaging was a bit jumbled and the box was full of styrofoam and wood splinters amongst the parts. I would caution anyone receiving one of these kits to avoid getting excited and unpacking it without considering the mess it will make. I was working on unpacking and inventorying the kit in the middle of our department library. I ended up making a huge mess and not having a heck of a lot of room, so taking inventory was tricky. Make sure you have at least 10 square feet or so of work space to lay this thing out while conducting inventory.

Despite the mess I eventually sorted everything out and piled it on to a book cart for storage until our group begins painting (which will be next week). It turns out that we were missing a few small parts including some screws and washers. Not a big deal, and the manual says that it’s a possibility that there will be a variance in the number of parts between versions, but it’s still a bit annoying not knowing exactly how many parts you need.

Wednesday, Sean and Jenny double-checked my inventory numbers and discovered that one of the bolts I thought we were missing was actually screwed into the scanner’s handle (turns out the handle is a separate item from the bolt that was screwed into it). I felt a little silly for missing it during the count, but it’s something to be aware of.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for painting pictures next week!



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